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Our friendly, discrete information and telephone support service is available 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

1300 273 266 or info@reconnexion.org.au

Benzodiazepine treatment

We specialise in treating benzodiazepine dependency, anxiety disorders, insomnia and depression.

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Reconnexion's psychology service

We offer accessible, affordable and evidenced-based therapy to suit a range of concerns and needs for each person.

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Our team understands that problems with benzodiazepines are widespread but hidden. Issues can be very complex but are often poorly understood. Our team provides non-judgemental and empathic support, up-to-date information and evidence based strategies which have been proven to succeed. Many of our callers tell us it is the first time they have felt really understood.

The Reconnexion support service is your first point of contact for: 

  • support with reducing from benzodiazepines, managing withdrawal and strategies to help with benzodiazepine dependence 
  • information about anxiety disorders and depression
  • strategies for coping with insomnia
  • information about dependence on analgesics
  • resources, links and referrals to other supports and services
  • making a booking to see a counsellor for
    – anxiety and depression treatment
    – benzodiazepine withdrawal counselling
  • making an appointment for a secondary consultation (for health professionals)

Our callers say...

“I feel like a dark veil has been lifted and I have got my life back”
“The benzo withdrawal symptoms I was suffering included severe anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness and detachment, as well as nausea and physical pain. I remember feeling reassured by the telephone support worker who somehow knew just what to say and gave me hope that I could overcome these symptoms… the overwhelming message was that I would get better. Looking back I now realise how valuable this timely reassurance was to my eventual recovery… life is now good again.”

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Our information and support service is operated by our amazing team of highly trained volunteers. Are you interested in joining the team?

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