Mark Jacka

General Psychologist

Mark is a registered psychologist with a diverse range of experience in various settings including the community and government sectors and private practice. His experience includes working with clients presenting with anxiety and depression, relationship issues, parenting management, forensic issues, anger management and substance abuse.  Mark has extensive experience in private practice using a variety of clinical interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness interventions, Imaginal Exposure and relationship counselling.

Mark is very down-to-earth, accepting and practical.  His counselling goal is to help you to overcome obstacles that prevent you from enjoying a richer, fuller, more meaningful life. Mark’s clients report high levels of satisfaction and many of them return to see him every few years as new issues arise.

Mark is registered to provide psychological services under Medicare, Worksafe, TAC, Victims of Crime, Open Place for Forgotten Australians and Department of Veterans Affairs.

BA Grad Dip Ed; Grad Dip Psych Studies; Grad Dip Psychology

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