Sarah's story

July 5, 2016

Sarah, the mother of two young children, was originally prescribed a benzodiazepine after the death of her child. After some months, she found herself gradually increasing the dose in an attempt to manage escalating symptoms of anxiety. She had begun to isolate herself from her family and friends, and was now experiencing panic attacks which made leaving home increasingly difficult.

Her partner researched the medication and found out about Reconnexion. Eventually Sarah called the Information and Support Service and learned that her symptoms might actually be caused by the benzodiazepines. As well as an understanding and friendly ear, she was provided with helpful information and was encouraged to think about gradually reducing with the help of a Reconnexion counsellor.    

Sarah was very nervous about asking her GP to help. The GP had been prescribing the pills all this time – why would she agree to take Sarah off them? But in fact the GP was very glad to support Sarah’s idea, and was happy to work with the Reconnexion counsellor on a clinical withdrawal plan.

Sarah’s withdrawal is gradual, and she still travels some distance to attend her sessions with the Reconnexion counsellor. Despite some difficult times with some painful symptoms, she remains fully committed to withdrawing. Her panic attacks have now stopped and she has recently become involved with her children’s primary school. Sarah recently said “I feel so much more alive now - and I’m a much better mother.”