Shaking Zen

ShakingZen - working with stress, anxiety, depression and trauma

ShakingZen is a unique combination of mindfulness (Zen) meditation and TRE* - Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises.

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Rewire the brain to reduce overthinking and to start living in the present moment, rather than lost in the past and the future.

Reconnect to our emotions in a way that we are not overwhelmed by them and no longer avoid them - and can start living life more fully.

Release the stress and trauma held in the body by literally shaking it off with TRE*, to find peace at last.

No experience in mindfulness or TRE required as this will be taught in the sessions.

Facilitator:  Steve Brown
Steve has over 20 years of practising and teaching mindfulness meditation. Over the past 12 years he has been running workshops in community health settings on the use of mindfulness to treat stress, anxiety and depression. A counsellor and psychotherapist, Steve brings a gentle and grounded approach to his teaching. 

Feel free to talk to Steve with any questions by calling 9809 8200 / 1300 273 266.

* For more information about Trauma Releasing Exercises go to:

Cost of the group: $250

Venue: Reconnexion 1939 Malvern Road, East Malvern.

Dates:  Please contact Reconnexion